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Is your business strategy working?

Strategic planning is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. It can help create structure for your business, keep your business on track to hit future goals and keep your business competitive in a changing marketplace. A solid strategic plan is important to a...

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What is your financial literacy?

Unless you studied accounting, financial literacy just doesn’t get the same amount of attention in school as other subjects.  Whether you are an entrepreneur running your own small business or an individual managing your personal finances, financial literacy can be a...

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Plan ahead for a stress-free tax season

By now you have probably mentally recovered from the cash you had to fork over to the IRS or the delight of your hefty refund has waned. While April 15th still feels blissfully far away, now is time to start planning ahead for next tax season. While preparing for...

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Do you need to pay estimated taxes?

No matter what industry you work in, if you receive income, you are required to file a tax return once a year. Depending on your income sources, you may also be required to pay estimated taxes quarterly. If paying your taxes is already a dreaded annual event, it might...

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Easy Accounting Mistakes

As a small business owner, accounting might not be your expertise. Luckily there are many great accounting systems available with tools to help with a whole range of accounting needs. Nevertheless, it is still all too easy to make accounting mistakes. You may find...

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Financial and Tax Planning Newsletters

All of us at Johnson & Richardson CPAs, are excited to announce the launch of our quarterly newsletter Client Update. Our newsletter was designed with the needs of our clients in mind, providing you with up-to-date information on current business, financial, and tax...

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