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Providing the information you need to maximize your profitability.

For individuals and small businesses, we use practical knowledge gained from over 25 years experience to meet the needs of our clients and make the most your resources.

We educate all of our clients.

About the tax benefits available under law, and provide instruction on how to develop transactions that conform to that law. The education we offer covers the procedures needed for documenting your activities and expenses. The Internal Revenue Service has stringent documentation requirements for deductible expenses; we can provide guidance on the best practices to use for meeting these requirements.

We will provide you with the level of accounting assistance you need.

Our service ranges from completing and signing payroll checks for various businesses, providing monthly accounting reports tailored to the information needs of the business owner, to completing annual tax returns. We are here to meet your accounting needs at the level of expertise you need.

We may be a part-time controller or a part-time bookkeeper for you or your company.

As your business grows, we monitor our bill and let you know when it would be beneficial for you to hire in-house, rather than to continue using our services. For many successful ventures, this means our fees will grow as the business does, and diminish when you hire an employee. We are proactive in making your commerce profitable and encourage cost-effectiveness for you.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning is a proven method of helping you minimize your tax liabilities. Many people fail to plan during the year, and then want to maximize their tax benefits when they come to their tax preparer. An hour or two invested prior to the end of the year will more than pay for itself, many fold.

Strategic Planning

Is your business working in the best possible way?

Is it doing what you want it to do? What are your goals? What do you need to do to your business today to make sure it will meet your needs in the future? Strategic Planning is the tool a business needs to ensure it is staying competitive and meeting the demands of the business owner.

We recommend that businesses of all sizes engage in strategic planning

We recommend they dedicated at least one week of time to structuring your business to ensure that it is going, or will begin to go, in the direction that you want it to. What do you need to do to take it to the next level? How will you achieve this? What do you need to do now to move your business to a more profitable level? Is your business working as hard for you as you are working for your business? What do you need to do to make your business more profitable on an after tax basis? Is your business gaining the tax advantages that is needed to minimize the business owners personal tax benefits? What do you need to do now to make it work better now?

In addition to helping with their strategic planning, we have assisted clients in selling their businesses, acquiring new businesses, and rendering controller functions on an as needed basis.

Accounting Systems

The advancement of the computer has put data processing into the hands of the novice computer user, providing a myriad of tools to use for keeping up to date on the current business and tax situation, and analyzing the best approach for business planning and problem resolution.

We can assist you in developing an excellent system to help you stay abreast of your present financial affairs

Including setting you up on a state-of-the-art system, and assisting you in converting a manual system to a fully-computerized system. We can obtained leases, order equipment, configur it, deliver it, and train staff on its use it. For one client, the implementation of a re-structured chart of accounts saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Financial Statements

Whether needed for a bank loan, or as part of an ongoing business-monitoring procedure, we can assist you in developing a system that will provide reports that give you necessary information to make well-considered decisions. The comparative balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow are some of the tools that will measure the changes of your financial affairs over time. In addition, we use other methods, as needed, to meet your situations.

Professional IRS Representation

Almost everyone needs tax assistance during their lifetime. In many situations, how this is handled is crucial to be able to go forward from what can be a difficult experience. If there is a problem with the IRS, Revenue Canada, or a state-taxing agency, we will assist you in making sure that you are paying the least amount necessary to meet the appropriate laws.

We have a research department that provides us access to all tax laws in the United States or Canada, and helps us become familiar with the pertinent portions of the laws needed to assist you. Every person should consider professional assistance when facing a tax audit.